but if the thick legs to wear words, it is really not good-looking. If you have thick legs, wearing pantyhose will make your legs look even worse, because pantyhose will make you look thinner, whereas if you have thick legs, it will make you look worse.

Silk stockings are for everyone to match, so you can’t wear silk stockings as pants. Silk socks are more versatile natural, matching clothes are very good-looking, and will not be cold very warm. Winter clothes are more bloated, small girls wearing silk stockings can solve the problem of short stature, wear silk stockings not only warm but also Dog fashion Kitchen Cheap Bustier maternity leak out of the leg, the vision can show high.The pain of wearing silk stockings is not a quality problem, the pain of wearing silk stockings may be caused by the purchase of silk stockings in this part is too tight, there is poor elasticity of silk stockings, there is no good ductility

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